Complete solution

ITK Global presents a perfectly improved Project consolidated in more than 20 years of activity, offering today one of the most relevant and complete solution for export, through a strategy based on analysis, selection and communication of the values of its Clients to the major and significant local importers / distributors, in 18 countries on 3 continents.  

This solution is dedicated to producers which pay attention to their company image, confident in the value and success of their brands not only in national market, decided to know and in favorable conditions to enter on new markets, aware of necessary investments and willing to support them in an appropriate and correct proportion with their demands and objectives.

Aware of the importance of planning and respecting the time schedule ITK Global team ensures the implementation of the Project between 90 – 120 days, indifferently from the nation of interest.

The solution that ITK Global proposes guarantees the maturity and necessary experience to approach and develop large scale Projects with major contribution into the evolution of our Clients and their future local partner, together being able to contribute on changing the fragile commercial balance on new market.

More information on request.

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