ITK Global was founded in February 1999 to support the introduction of the italian companies on foreign markets.

By now more than 300 companies, most of them italian, to over 100 industrial fields have trusted us the research of the best commercial or productive solution in one or more nations from our competence area.

ITK Global is distinguished for an accurate work of image, an obsessive attention to details and total respect for its commitments.

Aiming towards perfection ITK Global developed with attention, and most of all with passion, all different phases of the project, from the first contact with the Customer up to define the right strategy for market penetration according to various sectorial reality, to the design of the presentations in local language by using the most innovative technology to individual meeting.

ITK Global in more than two decades became a real and active promoter for its Customers being able not only to promote their companies and brands, but also to create long term human relationships.

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Following the global evolution and to be able to answer or anticipate the request of our Customers, we have developed our structure horizontally in 22 countries from 3 continents, where we have successfully implemented ITK Global know-how.

In this way, our Customer has one interlocutor for his expansion in 22 countries. Simple, rapid and less expensive.

Surely we will not stop at these boundaries, today only imaginary, and we will continue to increase our competence area to offer to our Customers one solution, verified and consolidated in time, for their commercial expansion in the world.


Our reputation is built in time on the trust and confidence of our Clients and is one of ITK Global most valuable assets.



Through its structure, ITK Global offers the advantage of a single interlocutor who can implement the same strategy, conceived only one time and exclusively together with and for our Client, in the same manner in one or more countries from its competence area.